Recommended Web-based Wildlife Study Materials for Envirothon 2024


A series of birds and their calls/songs and an Audubon link of birds sounds.



Wildlife Study Materials – Bird Audio Files

Study Links

Animal Tracks Study Links:




Animal Scat Study Links:

What scat can tell you about your wildlife neighbors – CSERC

Scat ID | Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management (icwdm.org)

track_and_scat_glovebox_guide.pdf (arizona.edu)

Animal Skull Study Links:

Mammalia — identification guide — Discover Life

skullsite – Bird Skull Collection

Animal Skull Identification Guide – Waking Up Wild | Waking Up Wild

Kansas – What’s This Skull? (whatsthisskull.com)


Recommended Web-based Wildlife Study Materials for Envirothon 2023

Bighorn Sheep Resources

Envirothon Wildlife Team 2022-23

Preparation for Webinar on 3/4/23 with Paige Prentice

1. Desert Bighorn Sheep – Joshua Tree National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)
– Description, habitat, food, activity, life history, conservation

2. Desert Bighorn Sheep – Species Distribution Model, DRECP | Data Basin
– Desert bighorn sheep potential habitat map

3. Monitoring Efforts (ca.gov)
– Monitoring efforts, capture methods, population surveys, and waterhole sits and cameras for bighorn sheep by CDFW

4. Desert Bighorn Sheep: Connecting a Desert Landscape (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)
– Article with background on sheep biology, research information, and pictures

5. Featured Scientist | Paige Prentice (ca.gov)
– Background on Paige Prentice (presenter)

Effects of Climate Change on Population Persistence of Desert-Dwelling Mountain Sheep in California – PDF


Recommended Web-based Wildlife Study Materials for Envirothon 2022

California Ecosystems & Wildlife Videos

Please visit California Envirothon’s YouTube Channel

Plastic Waste in Aquatic Food Chains

Trash in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Impacts of Lead on Wildlife

Climate Change