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The California Envirothon is a natural resources and environmental competition for teams of high school students (grades 9-12) and youth organizations such as 4-H clubs. Youth (ages 14-19) are provided resources to study the key areas of soils, wildlife, forestry, aquatic ecosystems, and the annual current study topic (e.g., climate change). The teams are tested on their comprehension, critical thinking, and understanding of natural resources conservation, stewardship, and environmental protection. CAE also extends its scope to include Native and Indigenous peoples and the close relationships with their culture and traditions to the environment. CAE offers youth the opportunity to learn the skills and tools necessary to create a path to success: collaborative team work, public speaking, and the willingness to learn new ideas.

Vision Statement:

CAE aspires to educate and instill within our youth their individual and collective responsibilities for environmental stewardship, a sense of community, comprehend the role of governance, and to empower them to make wise decisions about managing and restoring natural resources into the future.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the CAE is to develop a well informed and aware citizenry with an understanding of and obligation to natural resources conservation. The CAE mission is to encourage and inspire youth to pursue advanced study and a fulfilling career in environmental science and ecology.


Through a deeper knowledge of natural resource and current environmental issues students will learn:
• decision making skills
• team building and communication skills
• how personal actions affect environmental problems, negatively or positively
• how individuals can take responsibility and become action oriented
• about the interaction and interdependence of natural resource
• resource materials, agencies, organizations available to assist them in environmentally related matters.

For information, or if you are interested in being added to our contact list, please email us.

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I feel satisfied as I reflect on my experiences with Envirothon…Envirothon solidified my interest in environmental science and opened me to possibilities that I never would have even considered if I had not participated.

Student Testimonial, Dylan Do, Canyon Crest Academy, Green Ravens Team and 2022 California Envirothon winning team to advance to the International Envirothon where they placed sixth overall.


“Competing in Envirothon tests and presentations has demonstrated to me the importance of cooperation within and between organizations, community members, and experts in addressing environmental issues…As I progress into my future career, I will continue to utilize the research, presentation, and collaborative skills I developed through Envirothon.”
Tyler Do (competed in 2021 and 2022)


“I applied as a psychology/environmental engineering major as I am really hoping for UCLA or UC Berkeley. I would love to still be connected with the California Envirothon…It was a big experience for me and really motivated me to pursue some form of environmental career. Thanks.”
Amogh Chaturvedi, senior, Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, and member of the 2022 winning Green Ravens Team to advance to the 2022 International Envirothon