The 2024 California Envirothon winning team is the
Bladderpod Squad from Pacific Palisades Charter High School! 


Team members include Carter Yean, Olivia La Via, Shawna Ashley, Jaden Rahmani and Jesse Rosen. Also featured in the photo is Steve Engelmann, the team’s teacher.

They will advance to the International Envirothon at the Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York, on July 28 – August 3, 2024.


Winning second place was the Photovoltaic Philosophers team from Granada Hills Charter High School. Team members include Anika Nawar, Tasnim Shamsul, Adam Alvarez, David Tarzi, and Zainab Al-Atya. The teacher advisor is Wendy Hagan.

Winning third place was the Voltes V team from JW North High School. Team members include Kate Padua, Zenabu Heikus-Weaver, Matthew Tarascic, Jaymee Valentin, and Gaby Armas. The teacher advisor is Lillian McCandless.

The California Envirothon Steering Committee congratulates all the students who competed in this year’s competition about “Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future.”  We hope you all had fun too! We wish all the graduating seniors the very best in your future endeavors… Thank you.

2024 NCF-Envirothon – New York

California Envirothon – 2024 Event

Current Issue: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

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The California Envirothon is a natural resources and environmental competition for teams of high school students (grades 9-12) and youth organizations such as 4-H clubs.

Youth (ages 14-19) are provided resources to study the key areas of soils, wildlife, forestry, aquatic ecosystems, and the annual current study topic (e.g., climate change).

The teams are tested on their comprehension, critical thinking, and understanding of natural resources conservation, stewardship, and environmental protection.

CAE also extends its scope to include Native and Indigenous peoples and the close relationships with their culture and traditions to the environment. CAE offers youth the opportunity to learn the skills and tools necessary to create a path to success: collaborative team work, public speaking, and the willingness to learn new ideas.

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