Archived resources from previous years (usually relating to that year’s current issue scenario)

2017 Resources

Farming For Wildlife

2016 Resources‎‎‎

2013 Recommended Resources

Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health  Technical Reference 1734-6

Sustainable Grazing Lands Providing a Healthy Environment

Ecosystems, Sustainability and Grassland Management

Hope on the Range

Montana Access Guide to Federal and State Lands

Rangelands – An Intro to Wild Open Spaces

2012 California Envirothon Resources ($7.00)

2012 Canon Envirothon Recommended Resources

1. DCCD Fact Sheet 1 (Dauphin County Conservation District – DCCD)

2. DCCD Fact Sheet 2

3. EPA Reducing Stormwater Costs (U. S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA)

4. EPA How Does Green Infrastructure Benefit the Environment

5. EPA Roof Cover

6. LID Questions and Answers

7. LID A Literature Review (selected section)

8. LID For Big Box Retailers

9. NRDC Stormwater Strategies (selected chapters 2, 3, and 12)

10. SWMPC LID – News 1 (South West Michigan Planning Commission – SWMPC)

11. SWMPC LID – News 2

12. SWMPC LID – News 3

13. SWMPC LID – News 4

14. SWMPC LID – News 5

2011 California Envirothon Resources

Estuary Glossary

Additional Estuary Materials

Additional Estuary Materials


Bays and Estuaries (pdf)

Terrestrial vegetation of California

Wikipedia – Bodega Bay

Estuaries and Coasts

Ecological Linkages:Marine and Estuarine Ecosystems of Central and Northern California (pdf)

Esteros Americano and de San Antonio

The Light and Smith manual

Clean Water Act Status: Bodega Bay Watershed

Invasive Parasite Spreading Among West Coast Estuaries


NOAA (pdf)

Estuaries (pdf)

2010 Current Issue

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Oeste Hydrologic Atlas 2009.pdf
CUWCC MOU Regarding Water Conservation in CA.pdf
USGS Model Report Joshua Basin 2004.pdf
Basin Conceptual Model 2007.pdf
State Water Project Overview.pdf
Morongo Basin Pipeline Agreement 1991.pdf
Residential Water Use Summary 1999.pdf
DWR Urban Drought Guidebook 2008.pdf

Hydrology and Climatology (including Geohydrology)

In Hot Water: Water Management Strategies to Weather the Effects of Global Warming
Chapter 6 “Basic Ground Water Concepts”

Water Quality and Quantity

Compiling an Inventory of Possible Contaminating Activities for Source Areas & Protection Zones (pdf)
Water Pollution Control Legislation (pdf)
Groundwater Availability Detailed in California’s Central Valley
Occurrence and Distribution of Nitrate in Groundwater in the Central Valley (pdf)
Metropolitan Water Districts of Southern California (pdf)
Kern County Groundwater Banking Projects (pdf)

Land-Use Planning and Its Effect on Groundwater

Decision-Making Under Scientific Uncertainty (pdf)
California Water 2020, A Sustainable Vision
Evolving Issues and Practices in Managing Ground-Water Resources (pdf)

The Water-Energy Nexus

Energy and Water: Water, Energy, and Desalination (pdf)
Groundwater Salinity: A Groundwater Dilemma (pdf)
Glossary: A-Z Ground Water Vocabulary and Definitions

The California committee offers you the following supplemental resources to further expand your knowledge of the many water related topics and issues.

USGS Educational Resources For Secondary Grades Middle School and High School

2009 Articles:

North America’s Fish Feel the Heat
Warmer Waters disrupt Pacific Food Chain
Pesticides and Aquatic Animals: A guide to Reducing Impacts on Aquatic Systems
Bioenergy, Conservation and Wildlife Protection can Boost Each Other
Alien Species
Alien Invaders affecting our Nation’s Waters
The Scientific Imperative for Defending Small Streams & Wetlands
Small Streams: Your link to the Bay
The Migrating Boreal Forest
Biodiversity Background Information for Educators
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Maintaining Natural Life Support Processes
Forest Soils
Why Should we care about Biodiversity
Diversity & Development
Environment: Ocean Life on the Brink of No Return
Climate Change and Biodiversity—Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Biodiversity-An Overview
Habitat Loss at a Glance
Why Plant Conservation is so Important
Introduced Species: The Threat to Biodiversity and What can Be done
Mutualistic Biodiversity Networks
The Environmental Impacts of Large Dams
Coastal & Freshwater Ecosystems