California Envirothon – 2024 Event


2024 Current Issue: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

Save the Dates: The 2024 California Envirothon will be organized as follows:
  • April 13: Preliminary Oral Presentations via Zoom production
  • April 20: CAE Competition hosted by the Riverside Corona Resource Conservation District, 4500 Glenwood Drive, Riverside, Ca
  • Registration Fees: $250/team; $50/person (early bird fee not offered this year)
Pre-registration and more details will soon follow.
Please continue to check the website for updates under the 2024 Event tab. 
Here is a virtual tour of the RCRCD campus:


We will offer a series of webinars on the study topic areas (soils, wildlife, aquatics, and forestry) as well as the nexus with the 2024 current issue “Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future.”

A schedule will be posted on this website once planning and organizing gets underway by the CAE’s Resources Advisory Panel.