2018 Archive

The California Envirothon successfully held its 26th annual competition on April 7 at the Wind Wolves Preserve (WWP), a 93,000 acre region on the San Joaquin Valley floor.

Congratulations to all of our winning teams!

UPDATE: The 2018 Current Scenario is now available!! (uploaded 03/27/2018)

2018 Scenario: Background

2018 Scenario Prompt


For the 2018 event, the current scenario presentations will be presented on site during the station rotations.

All teams will present in-person on April 7, 2018. Presentations will be 15 minutes + 5 min for questions from the preliminary orals judges.

Each team member may use 7 3×5 note cards, which must be turned in at check-in. Each team may use up to 5 flip-chart sheets.

Teams should plan on bringing their presentation materials with them the day of the event.


NCF Envirothon has published the 2018 NCF Rangeland Study Guide.

While this study guide is directed to teams competing in Idaho at the NCF Envirothon in 2018, many of the resources will be helpful in preparing for the CA Envirothon. The CA Envirothon Steering Committee will update this page with additional (California-specific) resources as our event draws closer. Please check back often for updates!

ARTICLE: The mission to capture storms’ water before it flows away

ARTICLE: The Vertical Farm

ARTICLE: U.S.’s first robotic farm opens in the Bay Area

ARTICLE: USDA Expands Research on Larger Dog Breeds for Use in Livestock Protection (uploaded 3/14/18)

CA Rangeland Water Quality Management 1995(uploaded 1/25/18)

CA Rangeland Water Quality Management 1995 (INDEX)(uploaded 1/25/18)

CA Rangeland Water Quality Plan (Slides) (uploaded 1/25/18)

CA Rangeland Water Quality Management Plan: Update 2011 (uploaded 1/25/18)

CA Rangeland Water Quality Management Plan: FACTSHEET (uploaded 1/25/18)

CA State Water Resources: Grazing Management(uploaded 1/25/18)

Grazing for Change Stories of ranchers preserving and enhancing California’s grasslands (uploaded 11/14/17)

Grazing Handbook A guide for resource managers in coastal California (uploaded 11/14/17)

Does Grazing Sequester Carbon?

What 30 Years of Study Tell Us About Grazing and Carbon Sequestration