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The California Envirothon is an outdoor natural resource education program for high school students grade 9-12. In the field, students are challenged to work as a team to answer written questions and conduct hands-on projects focusing on environmental issues. Students from all over California join together to explore the environment in five disciplines: Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatics, Soils and a current environmental issue.

Vision Statement:

We are dedicated to challenging California’s youth in their knowledge of natural resources with emphasis on Soils, Forestry, Aquatics, Wildlife and Current Natural Resources Issues.

Mission Statement:

The California Envirothon will provide youth with natural resources experiences to promote a sense of personal stewardship of the natural environment and to empower them to take responsibility for the wise use of those resources for future generations.


Through a deeper knowledge of natural resource and current environmental issues students will learn:
• decision making skills
• team building and communication skills
• how personal actions affect environmental problems, negatively or positively
• how individuals can take responsibility and become action oriented
• about the interaction and interdependence of natural resource
• resource materials, agencies, organizations available to assist them in environmentally related matters.

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