Current Scenario

For the 2017 event, the current scenario presentations will be presented on site during the station rotations.

All teams will present in-person on June 17, 2017. Hence, there will be no video submissions this year.

The scenario will go live on June 13 at midnight. This will give students 3 full days to prepare for their current scenario presentations. Each team member may use 7 3×5 note cards which must be turned in at check-in. Each team may use up to 5 flip-chart sheets.

Teams should plan on bringing their presentation materials with them the day of the event.

Resources (recommended) – this list will be continue to be updated until the Current Scenario is released. These resources are recommended by the committee (but not required).

“Vineyards in the Watershed: Sustainable Winegrowing in Napa County” by Juliane Poirier (buy on Amazon here)

Napa County RCD

Napa River Owner’s Manual

CRWFS Water Stewardship

Lodi Rules for Sustainable Wine Growing

CA Natural Resources – Prop 1

Napa River Sediment TMDL and Habitat Enhancement Plan